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FirstName LastName Company Address City State Zip Phone PhoneExtension MobilePhone Email Menu 444 CLE Qualifications Experience PastTopics Topics Preparation Attachment Attachment2 Attachment3 Attachment4 Attachment5 Attachment6 Created
Kay Baxter Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP 1001 St. Philip Street New Orleans LA 70116 15044602365 504 460-2365 Guy Hollingsworth Hanover Insurance Company 630-760-3415 GHOLLINGSWORTH@HANOVER.COM Louisiana: 22938; Arkansas: 95267; Missippi: 10568; Oklahoma: 33699; Texas: 24053884 Litigation practice in toxic torts and environmental matters for 27 years. Claims Litigation Management Specialist at the first college for same. Recently spoke at the CLM Annual Conference and ABA TTEL first in-person conference Yes CLM Annual conference 2021 - Playing the Game of Risk Shifting CLM 2022 Annual Conference - Not All That is Green is Good - The Environmental and Toxic Impact of Cannabis ABA TTEL : In The Weeds: Navigating the Growing Cannabis Industry in an Evolving Regulatory Climate The Environmental Impact of the Burgeoning Cannabis Industry Yes 2022/04/KAY-BAXTER-Bio-canabis.docx 2022/04/Conference-Outline-Cannabis-2022.doc Apr-09-2022 21:50:10
Adam Reeder CDM Smith Inc. 75 State St Boston MA 02109 6174526116 8575260241 Adam Reeder is a civil/structural engineer and has 24 years of experience with a wide range of structural engineering projects involving design, scheduling, bid document production, construction management, disaster assessments, flood and wind retrofitting, and litigation. Over the past 12 years he has become a nationally-recognized expert in evaluating the value of building codes for coastal structures and implementation of higher construction standards. Mr. Reeder has taught and developed several flood and wind retrofit courses for FEMA Building Sciences. His expertise has been sought by the American Institute of Architects and the Georgetown University Climate Center to review publications. Yes Yes, multiple. Battelle conference 2022; American Institute of Architects 2022 News cycles consistently mention the impact of natural hazards and that hazards such as flooding are getting worse due to climate change. How much benefit is provided by the current building codes and what else can be done to improve the codes? This session will provide an overview of how much protection is provided by the current building codes for multiple natural hazards and what new standards can improve resiliency in our built environment. The session with begin with a review of how well the current codes and standards address climate change and where improvements are needed. It will include examples of how designing buildings to the current codes would create significant risk exposure over time. Information will then be provided on efforts underway to incorporate more resiliency into codes and standards will be discussed. The session will conclude with ways to frame climate change risk in a manner that owners and designers can agree on design requirements that exceed the current codes and standards. Yes Apr-08-2022 16:54:31
Ernest Ashley CDM Smith Inc. 75 State St Boston MA 02109 617-452-6116 857-526-0241 Mr. Ashley is a geologist with 38 years of experience specializing in hydrogeological and hazardous waste site investigations. He is experienced in site characterization and remediation program design under the specific environmental laws in New England, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Ohio; the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). Mr. Ashley has directed and performed subsurface explorations and hydrogeologic investigations; soil, sediment, surface water, groundwater and biota sampling; and managed human health and ecological risk assessments, and corrective measures/feasibility studies. For remediated sites, he has developed post-closure monitoring plans and evaluated the effectiveness of implemented remedial actions. As a technical subcontractor, he has performed technical reviews of RI/FS work plans and reports for EPA. Mr. Ashley serves as CDM Smith’s Site Characterization Sciences Discipline Leader. Yes Multiple PFAS is a class of contaminants impacting many communities across the nation. Unlike the “fully emerged” contaminants (like chlorinated solvents) where, for groundwater at least, we typically only have to track just a few contaminants, samples for PFAS can return detections for over 20 compounds per sample. That list continues to grow as analytical methods mature. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. It’s a challenge, because now we have many more compounds to track, evaluate, and communicate risk (not to mention unquantified “suspect” PFAS and precursors). It is an opportunity because the datasets are much larger, with many more variables—which opens the door to more rigorous forensics. In this presentation, I will discuss how PFAS analysis can be used to “fingerprint” sources at contaminated groundwater sites, and why the chemistry allows us to do so. I will present a case study of a contaminated landfill where CDM Smith used a thermal imaging drone to identify seeps around the landfill cap. The distribution, or fingerprint, of PFAS detections in the seeps were comparable to the landfill’s monitoring wells. The fingerprinting served as a strong line of evidence to develop the conceptual site model, particularly groundwater to surface water discharge. Yes Apr-08-2022 15:12:19
Scott Griffith Rawle & Henderson LLP One South Penn Square - The Widener Building - 16th Floor Philadelphia PA 19107 215-575-4323 215-495-5610 Pennsylvania (71796); New Jersey (008461994); New York (4671368) I am a partner at Rawle & Henderson, LLP, licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York and the corresponding federal courts. I have been in practice for 28 years, specializing in high stakes civil and criminal matters on behalf of corporations and individuals, specializing in environmental and mass tort liability, products liability, professional liability, and government investigations. Yes I was co-chair of the American Conference Institute Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims and Litigation in 2012. In 2013 I spoke at the National Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation on the use of bankruptcy trust information at trial. The Changing Landscape of Traditional Statutes of Limitation and the Impact on Claims Investigation, Preparation, and Resolution Details: Recently, we have seen significant legislative and court imposed alterations to the traditional tort statutes of limitation in the mass tort and negligence arenas. Courts have adjusted statutes of limitation to allow for subsequent filings when there is no immediate impairment concerning, for example, an asbestos related claim. As well, recent legislative changes have permitted plaintiff filings concerning repressed memory, and in institutional abuse matters a complete open window for claims in which the tortious conduct occurred decades before. These changes impact how attorneys and claims professionals investigate, prepare, and defend such claims. Yes 2022/04/Scott-F.-Griffith-Rawle-Henderson-LLP.pdf Apr-04-2022 13:24:20
Julie Friedman Rawle & Henderson 535 Smithfield Street, Suite 1000 Pittsburgh PA 15222 412-261-5709 412-654-1551 Panelists: Maithilee Pathak R&D Strategic Solutions, LLC, 770-205-9270 Jessica Prosperi Husch Blackwell 314-345-6108 Julie Friedman (PA) 76126; (WV) 8980 Julie Nord Friedman is a Partner of Rawle & Henderson LLP in the Pittsburgh office. She concentrates her practice in the defense of manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors in mass and toxic tort litigation, with an emphasis on asbestos litigation. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to regional contractors and suppliers. She is a National Coordinating Counsel for one client and she also acts as trial counsel in the defense of claims in mass tort and toxic tort litigation. She regularly handles matters for multiple clients in the courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in the State of West Virginia. She is also retained as trial counsel in high exposure cases to try cases to verdict in state and federal courts. Ms. Friedman earned her J.D. in 1995 from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and her B.A. in 1992 from The American University in Washington, D.C. She is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, as well as the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania and the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of West Virginia. She has practiced pro hac vice before state and federal courts in Ohio, Maryland, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Arkansas. Ms. Friedman is active in the American Bar Association. She was appointed as Vice-Chair to the Women Trial Lawyers General Committee for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 bar years. She has also been appointed as a Vice-Chair to the Litigation and Trial Practice General Committee for the 2020-21 bar year and as a Vice-Chair to the Toxic Torts and Environmental Law General Committee for the 2020-21 bar year. She has been an invited member of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) since 2015. She is rated AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell. Yes ABA Toxic Tort & Environmental Law Meeting Co-presenter “Ethics Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them” 2018 National Forum for Environmental & Toxic Tort Issues (“FETTI”) 24th Annual Conference Co-Presenter “Personal Jurisdiction: A New Look at Mass Tort Litigation – Where Do We Go From Here” 2017 FETTI 23rd Annual Conference Co-Presenter “Challenging the Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction and the Rise of Specific Jurisdiction Post-Daimler” 2016 Voir Dire - The Art of Jury Deselection Yes 2022/04/FETTI-VOIR-DIRE-2022.docx 2022/04/Maithilee-Pathak-Resume.pdf 2022/04/professionals-jessica-prosperi.pdf Apr-04-2022 12:04:29
Michael Handler Forsberg & Umlauf, P.S. 901 Fifth Avenue #1400 Seattle Washington 98164 206-346-3939 206-459-8262 Richard S. Rainieri, Partner, Weber Gallagher, Philadelphia, PA: Direct: 973.242.2230 Joann Dickinson, Resolute Management, Inc., Chicago, IL *subject to management approval* Direct: 312-345-2487 + Environmental Consultant (TBD) Washington, Bar 25654; Oregon, Bar 105561 23 Years specializing in complex coverage issues including environmental and toxic tort cases, following 5 years litigating insurance defense as supporting and lead counsel. Numerous other speaking engagements in the last 10 years, see below for a sampling of national "industry events". Yes FETTI 2016: "Top 5" Settlement Challenges For Environmental and Toxic Tort Insurers FETTI 2013: Contribution Claims in Environmental and Toxic Tort Matters: When Done Isn't Done Other National Presentations: • CLM Extracontractual Committee Annual Mini-Conference Presentations: 2014 (Atlanta) Policy Rescission, 2015 (New York) Choice of Law & Forum, 2017 (New York) Institutional Bad Faith • CLM Focus Conference Presentation (Webinar), 2020, How Financial Hardships Will Continue to Shape the Claims Process • CLM Annual Conference: March 2022, Ethics of Institutional Bad Faith Claims • Professional Liability Defense Federation: 2017, 2019 & 2021 Annual Meeting Presentations on Professional Liability Insurance Coverage. “Kick the Tires: How Excess Insurers Assess the True Value of Allegedly Significant Environmental Exposures” Please see attached topic outline (Word Doc #3200935). Yes 2022/04/PCDOCLIB-3200935-v1-MDH_2022_FETTI_Proposal__Kick_the_Tires_.docx 2022/04/MDH.docx 2022/04/RichardSRanieri.pdf 2022/04/JoannDickinsonLinkedIn.pdf Apr-01-2022 20:02:47
Kristien Webber VERTEX 400 Libbey Parkway Weymouth, MA 02189 MA 02189 646-867-0605 908-297-7302 Kristien Webber, AVP - VERTEX / Moderator 908-297-7302 Robert Burkholder - Berkley Environmental, Claims Attorney 610-620-4772 Katherine Tamarro - Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP, Attorney 973-735-6147 No CLE needed for VERTEX Bio's for Kristien Webber and Robert Burkholder are attached. Bio's for additional panelists to be provided (emailed) separately. Yes 2018 EECMA - Mold, While the Spores Grow the Liability May Not 2019 EECMA - Claims & Coverage Issues, Environmental Policies 2020 Perrin Environmental Risk & Litigation (Virtual) - Baseless Science, The Rise in Environmental Risks from the Lack of Court Gatekeeping 2021 June Perrin Environmental Risk & Litigation - Construction Defect & Indoor Air Quality 2021 October Perrin Environmental Risk & Litigation - Administration's Effect on UW and Claims Anticipating the Biden Administration’s Effect on Environmental Underwriting and Claims Outline attached. Yes 2022/04/FETTI-2022-Proposal_-Biden-Administration.pdf 2022/04/Kristien-Webber-VERTEX-Bio.pdf 2022/04/Robert-Burkholder-Multipurpose-Resume_6.4.2021_BE-Resume.pdf Apr-01-2022 16:24:23
Karen Cullinane Goldberg Segalla 711 3rd Avenue, Suite 1900 New York City New York 10017 6462928726 8726 9175752373 Karen Cullinane Goldberg Segalla 646.292.8726 ext: 8726 Erin Miter Scanlon Goldberg Segalla 267.519.6805 ext: 6805 Addition of experts (consultant, carrier, etc.) may be added to our panel to further discuss further on these topics at a later. Karen Cullinane - New York - 5009972 | Ein Miter Scanlon - New York - 5265921, New Jersey - 102842014 & Pennsylvania - 327091 Karen Cullinane (See speaker biography attached for more details) The University of Michigan Law School, J.D. Wellesley College, B.A. Publications -Contributor, Goldberg Segalla’s Environmental Law Monitor blog -Contributor, Goldberg Segalla’s Asbestos Case Tracker blog -“How Energy Usage Is Driving Lawmakers’ Crypto Concerns,” Law360, March 8, 2022 -“Microplastics: The Looming Challenges, Pitfalls, and Uncertainties Facing the Regulated Community and Beyond,” (Co-Author), DRI For the Defense, June 2021 -“How EtO Plants Can Avoid Lawsuits, Cope With Stricter Regulation,” (Author), Medical Design & Outsourcing, March 1, 2021 -“What to Expect From NJ Enviro Justice Rulemaking,” (Co-Author), Law360, January 6, 2021 -“Beirut Blast Shows Need To Review Ammonium Nitrate Regs,” Law360, October 15, 2020 -“Protecting Anonymous Expression: The Internet’s Role in Washington State’s Public Disclosure Laws and the Direct Democracy Process,” University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, August 2011 Presentations -“Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Update,” Emerging Risks CE/CLE, March 15, 2022 -“Emerging Trends in Asbestos Litigation,” Perrin Conferences: New York Asbestos Litigation Conference, New York, NY, December 11, 2019 Webinars -“Ethylene Oxide: Purifying Product or Perilous Poison? A New Wave of Environmental and Toxic Tort Claims,” (Co-Presenter), GS Webinar Series, February 22, 2022 -“Legionnaires’ Disease: Science, Litigation Risks, and Mitigation Considerations,” (Co-Presenter), GS Webinar Series, June 1, 2021 -“Legionnaires’ Disease: Science, Litigation Risks, and Mitigation Considerations,” (Co-Presenter), GS Webinar Series, March 24, 2021 -“Effective Discovery Strategies to Uncover Hidden Truths in Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Proof of Claims,” GS Webinar Series, March 12, 2020 Yes Karen Cullinane (See speaker biography attached for more details) -“Emerging Trends in Asbestos Litigation,” Perrin Conference: New York Asbestos Litigation Conference, New York, NY, December 11, 2019 -Karen will also be presenting an upcoming presentation for Stafford Publications in May 2022 on "Renewable Energy and Bitcoin Mining: Applicable Regulations, Utilizing Renewable Resources, Key Issues for Counsel" Each year, new toxic tort and environmental issues emerge. Moreover, as each issue emerges, the litigation continues to evolve in different and important ways. Goldberg Segalla continuously writes on recent emerging topics and development in its Environmental Law Monitor blog, Our panel proposal is to address and provide updates on emerging and evolving areas, which will include (between now and the conference, we may add any additional emerging topics. Will provide a supplemental outline in the coming weeks): Crypto mining's effect on fossil fuel consumption & the development of renewables as an emerging area - Microplastics as an emerging and evolving area-; Ethylene oxide as an emerging and evolving area- PFAS Developments- Lilial as an emerging area- Home grown lithium as an emerging area- Yes 2022/04/GS_Cullinane-Karen_Bio.pdf 2022/04/GS_Miter-Scanlon-Erin_Bio.pdf 2022/04/Goldberg-Segalla-Emerging-Evolving-Areas.docx Apr-01-2022 15:06:34
Vincent DePalo Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo LLP 101 Arch Street Boston MA 02110 617-228-4464 857-928-5310 Vincent N. DePalo Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo LLP 101 Arch Street, Suite 1950 Boston, Massachusetts 02110 Craig Ziolkowski Assistant Vice President - ASU Resolute Management Inc. 141 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago Board of Trade Annex Suite 1800A P: (312) 345-2478 RI Specialization: 6 years in asbestos litigation LECTURES AND CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS • MCLE, Understanding & Predicting Jury Behavior. Boston, Massachusetts (January 25, 2022). • MCLE, Drafting Powerful Demand Letters. Boston, Massachusetts (May 13, 2021). • MCLE, “1st Look” at the New But-For Standard for Massachusetts Torts Cases. Boston, Massachusetts (April 15, 2021). • Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts, Massachusetts Lead Laws: Painting the Risk Landscape. Boston, Massachusetts (November 2, 2020). • MCLE, How to Develop Litigation Timelines: The 60-Minute Lawyer. Boston, Massachusetts (October 15, 2020). • MCLE, How to Draft Civil Jury Instructions When a Model One Does Not Exist: The 60-Minute Lawyer. Boston, Massachusetts, Faculty (May 20, 2020). • Tufts University, Guest Lecturer (Spring 2018 & Fall 2020). • Effectively Disputing Lung Cancer Causation in Expert Depositions and Settlement Negotiations, Defense Research Institute, Asbestos Medicine Conference, Austin, Texas (Nov. 8, 2018), Presenter. • 74th Annual Session of the Massachusetts Boys State American Legion Program, Law Lecturer (June 17, 2018). • Northeastern University, Guest Lecturer (Fall 2015 – Spring 2018). • Northeastern University School of Law, Guest Lecturer (Summer 2015 – Spring 2017). • Roger Williams School of Law, Guest Lecturer (Fall 2013 – Fall 2016). • MCLE, BasicsPlus! Civil Trial Advocacy. Boston, Massachusetts, Presenter (October 15, 2013). • MCLE, Key Issues in Discovery Practice. Boston, Massachusetts, Contributor (May 21, 2013). • 61st Annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference, Galectin-1 and AR and Their Role in Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer, Bronx, New York, Original Research Presentation (April 22, 2007). PUBLICATIONS • Protect Yourself from Asbestos Lawsuits in the Rebuilding Industry, Reman Connection Magazine (March 2019) (co-author). • Claims Professional Desk Reference, The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (2018) (Massachusetts law chapter) (co-author). • Attorney-Directed Voir Dire Comes to Massachusetts: The Republic Is Safe, Suffolk J. of Trial & App. Advoc. (2017) (Co-author). • Stiff Medicine: The Medicare Lien Process, MATA Journal. (November 2014) (Sole Author). • Abraham Lincoln: An Early Champion of ADR, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (November 27, 2013) (Noted Contributor). • An Honorable Salary? (2012), published online by the National Center for State Courts, at (Project Director). • Molecular and Genetic Profiling of Prostate Cancer: Implications for Future Therapy, Current Cancer Therapy Reviews (2007) (Co-author). Yes Peering Through the Smoke: Recent Trends and Defense Strategies for Lung Cancer Cases See attached outline. See attached outline. Yes 2022/04/FETTI-Outline-DePalo-4-1-22.docx 2022/04/DEPALO-CV-Feb-2022.docx 2022/04/Craig-Ziolkowski-Biography.docx 2022/04/DePalo-Biography-April-2022.docx Apr-01-2022 14:37:46
William Silverstein GEI Consultants, Inc. 18000 Horizon Way, Suite 200 Mt. Laurel New Jersey 08084 8562915723 4848682145 William Silverstein, P.E., LSRP, Senior Consultant, GEI Consultants, Inc. cell 484-868-2145 Larry D. Silver, Esq., Partner, Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender phone 215.239.9023, email William Silverstein is an environmental consultant with over 35 years experience conducting environmental site remediation and providing claims and expert services to insurance clients. Mr. Silverstein holds a chemical engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a licensed Professional Engineer in 12 states and a New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional. Recently, Bill has spoken on Emerging Contaminants to the New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Review of Environmental Law (12/6/2021), was a panelist discussing PFAS on the Southern New Jersey Development Council PFAS webinar (3/3/2022), and will be speaking at EECMA on a PFAS panel in April 2022. Larry D. Silver, Esq., Partner, Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender. Mr. Silver has 33 years of experience practicing environmental law focusing on CERCLA, the Clean Water Act, TSCA, NEPA, RCRA and other aspects of federal, state and local environmental matters. Yes Recently, Bill has spoken on Emerging Contaminants to the New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Review of Environmental Law (12/6/2021), was a panelist discussing PFAS on the Southern New Jersey Development Council PFAS webinar (3/3/2022), and will be speaking at EECMA on a PFAS panel in April 2022. Technical, Regulatory, and Legal Developments in PFAS Liability and Claims PFAS, like other Emerging Contaminants are called that for a reason. A lot of emerging occurred in the PFAS arena in 2021, with further developments on the horizon in 2022. This panel will first provide an update on regulatory/technical/legal developments driving PFAS-related liabilities and claims. These include USEPA actions related to changes in toxicity data, development of test methods, the “PFAS Strategic Roadmap”, potential hazardous substance listing, and water supply testing. State actions include promulgation of standards and guidance levels in various media, and other state-specific drivers for PFAS testing/investigation. And emerging contaminants are addressed in anticipated changes in the ASTM Standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. Attorney and consultant perspectives will seek to answer questions related to: • What is the anticipated implementation timeline for identified regulatory developments? • What are the practical factors/timelines that are driving PFAS data collection? • What are the impacts on in-progress site remediation for other chemicals, and the challenges of site remediation with only partial standards? • How will the likely listing PFAS as a “hazardous substance” impact CERCLA site cleanup, EPA cost recovery, private party contribution actions, allocation and reopeners? • What are the trends in toxic tort litigation generally and as to the manufacturers? • When might these technical and legal factors lead to various types of claims? • What can we anticipate regarding NRD claims? Proposed panelists will include: • William Silverstein, P.E., LSRP of GEI Consultants, Inc. Mr. Silverstein is a chemical/ environmental engineer specializing in site remediation, litigation support, and insurance. • Larry D. Silver, Esq., Partner, Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender. Mr. Silver has 33 years of experience practicing environmental law focusing on CERCLA, the Clean Water Act, TSCA, NEPA, RCRA and other aspects of federal, state and local environmental matters. Yes 2022/04/William-Silverstein-Bio-for-FETTI-2022.docx 2022/04/Silverstein-PFAS-Outline-for-FETTI-2022.docx Apr-01-2022 13:44:39
Michelle Burke Gordon Rees Scully & Mansukhani 18 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park New Jersey 07932 19735492550 9084034046 NJ, NY I have been practicing for over 15 years in the area of products liability and toxic torts and I frequently lecture in these areas. Yes I spoke last year at FETTI on handling nuisance claims. I regularly speak at ABA Section of Litigation conferences, and most recently spoke about emerging cancer claims at the ABA Section of Litigation Joint CLE for Products Liability, Mass Tort and Environmental Claims. "Emerging Cancer-Related Product Liability Claims" Yes 2022/04/EMERGING-CANCER-CLAIMS-Outline-FETTI-202265907126.1.pdf 2022/04/Burke-Michelle-Molinaro.pdf Apr-01-2022 11:43:23
Miranda Turner Crowell & Moring LLP 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington District of Columbia 20004 202-624-2659 202-246-8544 Miranda Turner, New York (4614590), Kevin Cacabelos, California (335199), Miranda H. Turner Years in specialized industry: 10 Degrees: Brown University, B.A., University of Virginia School of Law, J.D. Recent Speaking Engagements “Evolving ESG Standards: Disclosures, Procurement, Insurer Demands, and Beyond” (November 16, 2021) Recent Publications "New York Revises Disclosure Requirements for Insurance Information in Litigation," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (March 1, 2022). "California Bill Requiring Insurer Fossil Fuel Disclosures Includes Controversial Provisions," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (February 3, 2022). "New York Legislation Requiring Disclosure of Insurance Information Likely to Change," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (January 7, 2022). "New York Governor Signs New Legislation Requiring Disclosure of Insurance Information in Litigation," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (January 6, 2022). "NY DFS Issues Guidance on Managing the Financial Risks from Climate Change," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (November 19, 2021). "Allianz Report Details Cyber Threats to Global Shipping," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (August 9, 2021). Kevin D. Cacabelos Years in specialized industry: 2 Degrees: Loyola Marymount University, B.A., Loyola Marymount University, M.Ed., University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, J.D. Recent Publications "California Bill Requiring Insurer Fossil Fuel Disclosures Includes Controversial Provisions," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (February 3, 2022). "NY DFS Issues Guidance on Managing the Financial Risks from Climate Change," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (November 19, 2021). "Insurance Innovation Finds Support from Newly-Announced North Carolina Regulatory Sandbox and New York FinTech Innovation Lab," Insurance/Reinsurance Alert (October 25, 2021). "Connecticut Insurance Department Releases Big Data and Anti-Discrimination Notice," (April 22, 2021). No N/A ESG: How insurers and reinsurers should manage ESG-related trends and risks Yes 2022/04/2022-FETTI-RFP-Submission.pdf 2022/04/Turner-Miranda.pdf 2022/04/Cacabelos-Kevin.pdf Apr-01-2022 11:25:23
Asia Dockery Maron Marvel 1201 North Market Street Wilmington Delaware 19801 3024251783 8482524349 Colleen Welch - Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC (601) 973-5975 1020 Highland Colony Parkway Suite 400 Ridgeland, MS 39157 Kimberly P. Mangum - Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC (601) 974-8780 1020 Highland Colony Parkway Suite 400 Ridgeland, MS 39157 Kimberly Mangum (Mississippi - 99260, Arkansas 2015026) Colleen Welch (Mississippi - 10087, Arkansas - 2015012, Maryland - N/a #) Kimberly Mangum - 20 years of extensive experience in managing complex litigation and implementing trial strategies for asbestos and silica matters Colleen S. Welch - 15+ years of litigation experience in product liability, toxic tort, silica, and asbestos - Recognized by Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers for 2021/2022 Yes - In House presentation for a client on Silica Lawsuits: The End or the Rebirth - Silica Lawsuits: The End or the Rebirth Yes 2022/04/Mangum-Welch-Silica-Presentation-.pptx 2022/04/kimberly-mangum-bio.pdf 2022/04/colleen-welch.pdf 2022/04/Silica-Lawsuits-Presenation-Outline.docx Apr-01-2022 10:57:14
Rick Braun Hawkins Parnell & Young LLP 1533 Winder St. Detroit Michigan 48207 248-930-9450 248-930-9450 Currently I do not have other panelists but would consider adding others to the proposal. I have practiced in the area of toxic tort and asbestos for over 20 years. I've been in NCC and first-chair trial roles. I served as the Defense Liaison Counsel and on the Wayne County (Michigan) Asbestos Steering Committee. In addition, I was on the State Bar of Michigan Special Committee which rewrote the Michigan Court Rules related to discovery and pre-trial procedure. I was part of the successful effort that lobbied for Michigan’s Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act including testifying before the Michigan House of Representatives Competitiveness Committee on House Bill 5456 related to disclosure of asbestos bankruptcy trust submissions. I am also a case evaluator in Oakland County Circuit Court, sitting on both the General Liability and Product Liability panels. I am also a regular speaker at DRI's Asbestos Medicine Conference at the EECMA Annual Conference and have spoken at FETTI twice. Yes -“PFAS – Michigan’s Experience and Outlook,” Perrin Conferences, Impact of PFAS on Environmental Litigation (January 2022) -"Are we Losing the PR Fight in Mass Tort Litigation? Large Verdicts, Group Dynamics, Jury Psychology, and Where We Can Go from Here," Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association (EECMA), Annual Conference (2021) -"Asbestos Medicine 101: Asbestosis and Other Cancers," DRI, Asbestos Medicine Seminar (2019) -"Coming Soon to a Drinking Water Source Near You: EPA Regulation of Perchlorate," National Forum for Environmental and Toxic Tort Issues (FETTI) Annual Conference (2018) -"WARNING: This Subject Contains a Discussion of Chemicals Known to Cause Cancer – Proposition 65 and Labeling Laws: Who Actually Benefits In the Age of Over-Warning?" Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association (EECMA), Annual Conference (2018) -“Take Home 101," DRI, Asbestos Medicine Seminar (2017) -"Homeward Bound: The Rise of Household Exposure Claims in Asbestos Litigation," Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association (EECMA), Annual Conference (2017) -"OCBA-U, Environmental Law," Oakland County Bar Association (2016) "Take-Home Asbestos Cases: The Exposure Defense," National Forum for Environmental and Toxic Tort Issues (FETTI), Annual Conference (2016)- Many speakers (including yours truly) have been presenting on PFAS recently and cautioning that it is an emerging liability risk for carriers and their insureds. I propose to explain why it is a risk by using the asbestos litigation as an example and also the elements of storytelling and PR campaigns used by plaintiffs' lawyers. This topic would blend elements of previous presentations given at other conferences for carriers and defense groups. Yes 2022/03/Biography-_-Rick-Braun.pdf Mar-31-2022 16:10:04
Brian Huelsmann Tucker Ellis LLP 100 South 4th Street, Suite 600 St. Louis MO 63102 314-256-2530 N/A 618-920-0326 N/A Illinois - 06277690; Missouri - 53348; Pennsylvania - 313303 Education - Southern Illinois University School of Law (J.D., 2001) - Rockhurst University (B.A., 1997) Experience - Obtained a favorable settlement for a defendant in an asbestos personal injury case following one week of trial in Madison County, Illinois (September 2018) - Obtained a favorable settlement for an HVAC equipment manufacturer in an asbestos personal injury case during pre-trial motions in Cook County, Illinois (June 2016) - Secured a defense verdict for a building products manufacturer in an asbestos personal injury case in Madison County, Illinois (November 2013) - Secured a defense verdict for a building products manufacturer in an asbestos personal injury case in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (May 2010) - Secured a defense verdict for a building products manufacturer in an asbestos personal injury case in Sangamon County, Illinois (August 2009) - Obtained a favorable settlement for a building products manufacturer in an asbestos personal injury case the day before closing argument in Madison County, Illinois (October 2007) - Secured a defense verdict for a building products manufacturer in an asbestos personal injury case in Madison County, Illinois (April 2004) Yes Speaking Engagements - “Jurisdictional Updates: Overview of California, Illinois and Emerging Jurisdictions,” Perrin Asbestos Litigation Conference: A National Overview and Outlook, San Francisco, California (September 2015) - “Examining the Tooey Case in Pennsylvania and Its Impact With Workers’ Compensation Laws in Different Jurisdictions and How It Shapes the Course of Litigation Going Forward,” American Conference Institute Asbestos Claims and Litigation Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (January 2015) - “State of the Market & Where It’s Headed in the Short and Long Term,” American Conference Institute 17th National Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation, Chicago, Illinois (June 2014) - “Recent Trends and Verdicts in Illinois, New York and Rise of Alleged Asbestos Related Lung Cancer Claims,” National FETTI, Chicago, Illinois (September 2013) - “Arbitration and Mediation,” National Business Institute, Fairview Heights, Illinois (May 2013) - “Update on Toxic Tort and Environmental Law,” National Business Institute Webinar (April 2013) - “2012 Year in Review,” HB Litigation Conferences: 15th Annual National Asbestos Litigation Conference, Chicago, Illinois (October 2012) - “Update on Medicare Reporting,” National Business Institute, Fairview Heights, Illinois (May 2012) “How the Elimination of the Illinois Work Comp Bar for Asbestos Claims Has Since Affected Illinois Employers and Insurance Carriers” -The impact on Illinois employers and their insurance carriers since May 2019 when Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 1596 (Public Act 101-0006) allowing employees with formerly barred asbestos claims to sue their employers directly in state court. -Before the legislature passed the recent amendment, employees with asbestos claims were precluded from suing their employers and could not bring workers compensation claims more than years after exposure. -Since the enactment of Bill 1596, Plaintiffs’ asbestos attorneys have included employers in asbestos personal injury lawsuits. -The presentation will focus on Insurance policy considerations, exclusions and potential coverage issues for these type of claims now pending in state trial courts. -The presentation will also address Constitutional Challenges to the Amendment. -Rulings at the Circuit Court/trial court level challenging the Amendment. -Defenses/challenges that should be argued as to the retroactivity of the Amendment and reviving claims already time barred. Yes 2022/03/B-Huelsmann-Outline.docx 2022/03/brian-j-huelsmann.pdf Mar-31-2022 16:07:47
sandra gaurin Gallagher Bassett technical Services 200 Jefferson Park Whippany New Jersey 07020 2015720835 2015720835 Additional to Sandra Gaurin, Director of Client Services at Gallagher Bassett Technical Services, Sara Brothers, Divisional VP, Great American Insurance Group, 646.564.5291 , Sandra Gaurin, 20+ years in the environmental consulting industry with a specialization in environmental insurance and brownfields redevelopment projects, BS in Biochemistry, MS in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Risk Manager (ERM) License, LEED AP. speaking engagements include the Battelle Conference, the Environmental Emerging Contaminants Claims Association (EECMA) conferences, Claims Litigation and Management (CLM) conferences, Perrin Environmental conferences, AIHA conferences, Brownfields Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE) NSCW annual conferences Yes see programs above, topics have included Vapor Intrusions technical and regulatory updates, Vapor intrusion and brownfields redevelopments, emerging contaminants in environmental claims, PFAs in brownfields redevelopment projects, Endocrine Disruptor compounds (EDCs) and other emerging contaminants impacts on environmental insurance claims Recent Trends and Emerging Risks in Environmental Insurance Claims Yes 2022/03/2022-FETTI-Speaking_Abstract-Rev-3.30.2022.docx Mar-31-2022 14:47:46
Sidney Degan Degan, Blanchard & Nash 400 Poydras Street New Orleans LA 70130 5045293333 5043881072 Sidney W. Degan, III is the managing partner of Degan, Blanchard & Nash. He is a national lecturer on numerous issues, including environmental and toxic tort litigation, insurance coverage, and liability defense. Mr. Degan received his undergraduate degree from the University of New Orleans in 1977 and his J.D. from Tulane University School of Law in 1980. He is a member of the Louisiana, New Orleans, Federal and American Bar Associations, Maritime Law Association of the United States, Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel, and the Defense Research Institute, Inc. Yes Mr. Degan is a regular, national speaker on many environmental and insurance issues involving both coverage and defense. Some of his most recent engagements include the National Forum for Environmental & Toxic Tort Issues FETTI 2019 Conference, the Primerus Products Liability Symposium in Chicago, Illinois (during which he gave a presentation on Environmental Additional Insured claims and Vendor Endorsements), a recent National Professional Liability Seminar (in which he presented on issues involving settlement ethics), and The Atlanta Mariners’ Club (where he was a featured speaker on developments in Environmental Admiralty Law). He was also the featured speaker for AM Best’s National Podcast on the complex tri-partite relationship that exists between insurers and insureds. Mr. Degan has also been on several panels at conferences held by the CLM including transportation, insurance and an upcoming panel on diversity. Mr. Degan proposes discussing the emerging aquaculture industry including issues with permitting and oversight, underwriting and claims handling including the types of coverage that may be necessary for this industry, and the applicability of pollution exclusions. Yes 2022/03/Speaker-Bio-1.doc 2022/03/Fetti-2022.docx Mar-31-2022 09:31:04
Patrick Kerzic CTEH 2131 Palomar Airport Rd Suite 300 Carlsbad CA 92009 8188003519 8188003519 Dr. Patrick Kerzic is a board-certified toxicologist (DABT) with more than 25 years experience in the design, conduct, and analysis of mechanistic and human subject research studies as well as human health risk assessment. Dr. Kerzic completed his PhD in Toxicology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and post-doctoral training at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His doctoral research examined the effects of benzene metabolites on signaling molecules, and their ability to alter survival and differentiation in bone marrow cells. Prior to coming to CTEH, Dr. Kerzic served as a Staff Toxicologist with the California Environmental Protection Agency, where he oversaw human health risk assessment activities for over 100 sites contaminated with solvents, metals, and other hazardous materials. He also served as a writer and reviewer for the Safer Consumer Products program, which aims to encourage substitution of hazardous compounds with safer alternatives. Dr. Kerzic has served as Scientific Director for a laboratory conducting research and clinical studies into diseases of the blood including leukemia and lymphoma, where he oversaw molecular biology and toxicology programs. Throughout his career, Dr. Kerzic has provided technical and litigation support for a variety of projects including cases involving benzene and other solvents, and assistance to companies and industry associations facing challenges regarding potential hazards caused by their products. He has published more than 35 abstracts and peer-reviewed papers in the fields of toxicology and hematology, and is a past or current member of the American Society of Hematology, the International Society for Experimental Hematology and Stem Cells, and the Society of Toxicology. Yes Event: FELA Occupational Claims Litigation Seminar. Dates: June 13-14, 2019 Location: Boulder Colorado Presentation Title: “Cancer causation: from rotten luck to emerging science” Title: Benzene and the Myelodysplastic Syndromes Abstract: It has long been recognized that chronic exposure to high concentrations of benzene can result in increased risk for acute myeloid leukemia, aplastic anemia, and bone marrow failure. Research publications over the past decade add myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) to the group of diseases causally associated with benzene exposure. This presentation will describe the historical literature supporting this causal association, the molecular features of benzene-induced blood disorders, and the dose-response relationship between exposure and disease. In addition, the recent decision by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) to reduce their benzene guidance values significantly in light of recent research on MDS is discussed, including potential to impact to regulatory standards in the workplace and environment. Yes 2022/03/CTEH_Patrick-Kerzic_CV.pdf Mar-30-2022 20:28:32
Calie Gihl Roux 1200 Harger Road, Suite 800 Oak Brook IL 60523 6306017027 6308498292 Dr. Adam Love, Roux, 415-967-6000, Matt Taylor, The Hartford, 312-506-8194, David Schechter, Beazley Group, 212-801-7212, NA Adam H. Love, Ph.D. is a Vice President/Principal at Roux who provides risk management analyses and expert testimony that seeks to understand and help prevent any technical bases for environmental liabilities – and whose experienced at testifying in litigation, when necessary, provides a basis to explain often complex technical assertions to client, judge, and/or jury in an understandable way. Dr. Love has over 20+ years of experience and has spoken at FETTI previously, including as a moderator for a panel in 2021. Calie Gihl, P.E., is a project engineer at Roux who has been engaged in a wide variety of environmental consulting work for 5 years. Calie has served as critical support for several major litigation and insurance cases. She also is part of the underwriting and risk assessment group at Roux and is actively engaged in deepening her understanding of unique risks such as battery contamination. No N/A The topic of this panel is understanding the environmental hazards and risks associated with the growth of battery utilization. Please see attachment for full abstract. Yes 2022/03/Roux-FETTI-Abstract.pdf 2022/03/Adam-Love-Professional-Profile.pdf 2022/03/04-Calie-Gihl-Professional-Profile.pdf Mar-30-2022 12:52:32
Brianna Schroeder Janzen Schroeder Agricultural Law LLC 8425 Keystone Crossing, Suite 111 Indianapolis IN 46240 3178559920 2 2627056420 James Berndt, LPG Technical Services Manager August Mack Environmental, Inc. Email: Phone: 317.916.3174 | Mobile: 317.603.9875 1302 North Meridian Street, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46202 Brianna Schroeder - Indiana (28772-64) and Illinois (6316051) Brianna J. Schroeder is an attorney and partner at Janzen Schroeder Agricultural Law, LLC. Her insight is grounded in the industry as she provides expertise such as litigating complicated environmental matters and helping livestock farms navigate regulatory compliance. She represents a wide variety of clients from large corporations to municipalities as well as private individuals. Brianna has worked at firms in Indianapolis and Chicago, with her perspective including experience in complex litigation, civil defense, property liability, transportation law, and insurance coverage. She is licensed in Indiana and Illinois. James Berndt, LPG, is a Principal Hydrogeologist and Manager of Technical Services in the Corporate office of August Mack Environmental, Inc. with 28 years of experience in the environmental industry. During his career Mr. Berndt has managed hundreds of environmental projects for clients across the United States, in Europe and South America. His work now focus primarily on support of environmental litigation related to contaminant sources, transport and migration in groundwater. Yes See attached speaker bios. Brianna's recent speaking engagements are constantly updated here: Nitrate Contamination: Technical Details and Litigation Trends See attached outline. Yes 2022/03/James-Berndt-CV-07-28-21-1.docx 2022/03/2021.12.09-BJS-Resume-1.docx 2022/03/2022.03.29-BJS-Nitrates98-1.docx 2022/03/Brianna-Schroeder-Speaking-Events-—-Janzen-Schroeder-Ag-Law-1.pdf Mar-30-2022 10:59:38
Angie Perez, PhD, CIH CTEH 8625 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 430 Beaverton Oregon 97008 5419019000 541-901-9000 I would love to be included in a panel, if there are other participants who would like to jointly present. Dr. Angie Perez is a Senior Toxicologist and Certified Industrial Hygienist for CTEH, an emergency response and disaster recovery firm. Dr. Perez earned her doctorate in Toxicology from Oregon State University and conducted postdoctoral work at the University of California, San Francisco. She has over 19 years of experience in the field of toxicology, chemical exposure assessment, and human health risk assessment. Her focal research and field experience includes evaluation of exposures and potential health risks of airborne contaminants, evaluation of impairment with drugs and alcohol, and exposure and health risk assessment of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Most recently in 2022, Dr. Perez was invited to present on the topic of PFAS at the National Ground Water Association meeting and was an invited panelist for Waste Water Digest. Dr. Perez and her family are based in Portland, Oregon. Yes DRI - TTEL on the topics of PFAS and cannabis impairment toxicology; DRI - products liability on the topic of PFAS and exposure; ABA on the topics of PFAS and cannabis environmental releases; National Ground Water Association on the topic of PFAS health effects; NEWMOA conference on the topic of cholesterol modulation and PFAS exposure; FDCC - on the topic of PFAS toxicology, regulations, and health effects; Waste Water Digest on the topic of PFAS regulations and health effects Regulating PFAS and the disputed science behind disease endpoints. Federal and state proposed PFAS regulations draw upon data from an enormous number of peer-reviewed publications graded for quality and uncertainty. Results from epidemiological studies of potential PFAS receptors are coupled with toxicological studies to inform regulatory decisions about health risk to workers and communities. In this discussion, I will present several examples of how proposed PFAS regulations are based on science that is of low- to moderate confidence and how determination of what is a "normal" range of human physiological biomarkers used to assess a potential adverse response to PFAS exposure is highly contested and commonly misused in peer-reviewed studies. Examples of the stark differences in states' approaches to calculating PFAS cancer risk versus that of the federal government will be provided. I will conclude with how proposed PFAS-related disease endpoints may be used or misused in personal injury cases. Yes 2022/03/CTEH_Angela-Perez_CV_2022.pdf Mar-29-2022 16:20:18
S. Christopher Collier Hawkins Parnell & Young LLP 303 Peachtree Street, Suite 4000 Atlanta GA GA 30308 4046147479 7479 4044836797 N/A AL (ASB-2343-C56S); CT (437605); GA (178307); IL (5312117); MO (68884); WV (12076) I have been practicing for 20+ years. I handle a wide range of toxic tort and environmental litigation, including asbestos, mold, formaldehyde and other particulate exposures. Yes I have spoken at two prior FETTI conferences on asbestos-related topics. I annually present to insurers on asbestos and other toxic tort issues. (2022 and several years prior). I presented at the 2020 Asbestos Medicine DRI for young lawyers. I regularly teach NITA Deposition Skills programs and Emory's Trial Techniques program (2021 and several years prior). I also presented on COVID-related issues at a conference related to the retail/hospitality industry in 2021. 1) Crumb Rubber Evaluation and Exposure (no more than 30 minutes) I. Background/Overview II. Public Position/Concerns III. Industry Position IV. Government Evaluation V. Next Steps VI. Alternatives 2) Peritoneal Mesothelioma Overview and Updates (no more than 30 minutes) I. Asbestos Litigation Overview II. Mesothelioma Generally III. Peritoneal Mesothelioma Background IV. Medical Literature Updates V. Recent Trends VI. Confounding Factors VII. Cross-Exam Strategies 3) Asbestos-related Lung Cancer (no more than 30 minutes) I. Asbestos Litigation Overview II. Lung Cancer Generally III. Medical Criteria re: Lung Cancer Diagnosis IV. Case/Filing Trends V. Hot Jurisdictions/Counsel VI. Impact of Trust Formation and Payment VII. Confounding Factors VIII. Cross-Exam Strategies Yes 2022/03/SCC-BIO-S.Christopher-Collier.pdf Mar-28-2022 14:00:16
Melissa Roeder Sinars Slowikowski Tomaska LLC 55 W Monroe Street Chicago Illinois 60603 3127679790 3127679790 Stephanie Osterholt CED Technologies, Inc 216-539-0725 WA 30836 Melissa Roeder: Years - 6 Degrees - Thomas M. Cooley Law School, JD, cum laude, 2000; South Dakota State University, BS, 1993 Speaking engagements - Speaker, IASA: “Cannabis It's Growing Like a Weed!" February 2021, Speaker, CLM Focus: Cannabis, Environmental, Insurance Fraud, Property, Subrogation, Claims & Litigation Conference, “Product Liability Issues Facing Growing Cannabis Industry," November 2020, Planner and speaker, Washington Defense Trial Lawyers Asbestos Seminar: May 16, 2016 Stephanie Osterholt: Years - 7 years working at an architecture/engineering firm in Cleveland Ohio (Westlake Reed Leskosky); 6+ years working at a forensic engineering firm (CED Technologies, Inc.) Degrees - Masters of Science in Civil Engineering (Focus in Structural Engineering) from the University of Dayton; Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Dayton Certifications - Remote Pilot of a Small Unmanned Air Craft System; FARO Focus 3D Scanner Certification; 30 Hour OSHA – 1926 Construction Certification; 2015 NFPA 101 Essentials: Life Safety Code Online Series Certificate of Completion; Speaking Engagements - Building Façade and Water Management – Cincinnati Insurance Field Adjusters – Northwest Ohio – September 2017; Contemporary Tools in Forensic Investigation – Cincinnati Insurance Adjusters – Cleveland/Akron Region – April 2017 Yes Speaker, IASA: “Cannabis It's Growing Like a Weed!" February 2021, Speaker, CLM Focus: Cannabis, Environmental, Insurance Fraud, Property, Subrogation, Claims & Litigation Conference, “Product Liability Issues Facing Growing Cannabis Industry," November 2020, Planner and speaker, Washington Defense Trial Lawyers Asbestos Seminar: May 16, 2016 Building Façade and Water Management – Cincinnati Insurance Field Adjusters – Northwest Ohio – September 2017; Contemporary Tools in Forensic Investigation – Cincinnati Insurance Adjusters – Cleveland/Akron Region – April 2017 Fire risks and marijuana grow houses Yes 2022/03/SST_Melissa_Roeder.pdf Mar-16-2022 10:29:33
Michael Berman Geosyntec Consultants 1900 L Street NW, Suite 975 Washington DC 20036 2023704348 2404982533 Michael Berman, P.E. (DC, MD, VA), CHMM is a Senior Principal Engineer at Geosyntec Consultant, based in Washington, D.C. with more than 25 years of experience focused on assessing, modeling, and quantifying the nature, extent, and cost of environmental liabilities to support his clients' business decisions. Mike specializes in complex environmental liability valuation (ELV) services and has broad experience in environmental cost estimating and the management of investigations and corrective actions for contaminants such as chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and inorganic compounds. He has notable experience in the management of challenging contaminants such as chlorinated solvents; per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS); methyl tertiary butyl ether and other fuel oxygenates, 1,4-dioxane, and perchlorate and has addressed these at sites regulated under various RCRA, CERCLA, state-lead, and voluntary cleanup programs. Through his experience in these activities for clients, Mike has established a robust practice focused on ELV services. He frequently provides his industry insight to support industrial litigation efforts, insurance negotiations and cost recovery projects, various types of financial reporting, and corporate due diligence during mergers and acquisitions. Yes Climate Change Extreme Events: Forecasting and Managing Financial Risk. Geosyntec’s Water and Climate Change Webinar Series. June 30, 2021. The Cost of PFAS: Assessing Environmental and Legal Risk and Costs. Perrin Environmental Risk & Litigation Conference. October 22, 2020. Effective Selection, Preparation and Use of Experts for Litigation in the DOE/NNSA Complex, Panel at Department of Energy Contractor Attorneys’ Association, Inc. Spring 2019 Conference, May 2, 2019. Battle-Tested Environmental Liability Valuation Defensible Cost Estimates for Decision Makers, Technical Roundtable Presentation at the ABA Section of Environment, October 2012. Ethylene Oxide: The State of the Science and Status of Emerging Health Claims (technical presentation or part of a multi-disciplinary panel discussion) Abstract: Ethylene oxide claims have been emerging in Illinois, Georgia, and other states related to allegations that air emissions from commercial sterilization and chemical manufacturing operations have exposed workers and residents to increased health risks. While most of these claims are in relatively early stages, the toxicology, risk assessment, air modeling, and related science continues related to ethylene oxide continues to evolve. On January 26, 2022, the Congressional Ethylene Oxide Task Force agreed to stand by U.S. EPA’s 2016 determinations regarding toxicological values that are to be used for assessing health risks associated with ethylene oxide exposure. These and other developments are likely to affect the legal and regulatory landscape around related claims. This presentation/panel will focus on educating participants on the science behind ethylene oxide, where it originates, how it migrates, and what current studies say about its potential health effects—both generally and in specific study areas. It will also provide an overview of the current status of ethylene oxide legal claims and regulatory developments. I would also be happy to present on or to participate in on a panel where consulting expert insight is needed related to environmental liability valuation/cost estimating or PFAS or other emerging contaminant cost implications of these are better fits. Yes Mar-10-2022 17:31:58
T.H. Lyda Burns White LLC 48 26th Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15222 412-995-3147 412-508-4719 Co-presenter: Nicole E. Bazzy, Esq. Burns White LLC 412-995-3087 A litigator with more than 20 years of experience, T.H. Lyda concentrates his practice in occupational disease, toxic tort/environmental and products liability litigation. He also serves on Burns White’s Executive Committee. As Chair of the Environmental Group, T.H. handles the defense of DEP and EPA citations, notices of violation, and any ensuing litigation. He is a preferred provider of regulatory services for the National Association of Chemical Distributors. T.H. has also litigated numerous environmental and personal injury cases on behalf of manufacturers and distributors, including claims of brain damage, pulmonary disease, and various cancers due to alleged chemical and toxic exposure. He currently represents clients in class action matters relating to the accidental release of hazardous substances, and has successfully defended environmental and personal injury cases at trial. T.H. has also been involved in commercial litigation involving breach of contract. As Co-Chair of the firm’s Railroad Law Group, T.H. represents Class I and short line railroads in a variety of business and legal matters across the country. He advises his clients on risk management and risk avoidance techniques, regulatory compliance issues, FELA, and proposed legislation. With an active caseload of several hundred cases, T.H. has extensive experience litigating repetitive stress injury and occupational illness cases throughout the United States. He has served as National Coordinating Counsel for two Class I railroads with respect to their occupational illness dockets. In addition, T.H. handles OSHA citation contests and inspections for clients in several industries and is an invited speaker on the topic at national conferences. He also has a deep understanding of the issues surrounding the defense of food-borne illness claims, and writes and presents about food liability litigation generally. Prior to joining the Pittsburgh office of Burns White, T.H. practiced in Atlanta, where he focused his practice on products liability and toxic tort matters representing large, self-insured companies. He also handled general insurance defense matters, including premises liability, automobile accident liability, and professional negligence cases. T.H. teaches “Pennsylvania Practice and Procedure,” a continuing legal education course, on behalf of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and is an invited speaker to Transportation and Chemical Industry Conferences on a national level. Areas of Law Environmental Occupational Illness Litigation Toxic Tort Litigation Transportation and Logistics Cybersecurity Energy Entertainment Regulatory Compliance & Consulting Food Liability Litigation Education West Virginia University School of Law (J.D., 1992) Pennsylvania State University (B.A., 1989) Bar Admissions Georgia New York Pennsylvania Memberships National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel - Eastern Regional Vice President and Executive Committee Member (COVID-19 Employee Claims FELA Subcommittee, Chair and COVID-19 Trial Preparation Subcommittee ASLRRA General Counsel Committee Member Honors/Awards Selected for inclusion on the 2006, 2008 and 2009 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers® lists Selected as one of 50 “Lawyers on the Fast Track” in 2007 by The Legal Intelligencer and Pennsylvania Law Weekly publications AV® Preeminent™ 5.0 out of 5 peer rated in Martindale-Hubbell Selected by his peers for inclusion in Best Lawyers in America® 2012-2022; named Pittsburgh Railroad Law “Lawyer of the Year” in 2021 Selected by his peers for inclusion in Pennsylvania’s Best Lawyers® Named as Who’s Who in Energy by the Pittsburgh Business Times Yes National Association of Rail Trial Counsel “OSHA Whistleblowers” (July 29, 2012, Santa Barbara, CA) “Round Up the Claims! Glyphosate and Lymphoma” (October, 18, 2018, New Orleans, LA) National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association “Managing Risk and Minimizing Claims During Railroad Construction” (January 5, 2012, San Diego, CA) National Association of Chemical Distributors “What to do when an inspector leaves” (April 3, 2012, Houston, TX) “Know Your Rights and Responsibilities if an Agency Inspector Shows up at Your Facility (June 13, 2012, Kansas City, MO “Regulatory Enforcement: Beyond the Knock on the Door” (August 23, 2012, Indianapolis, IN) “Contesting and OSHA Citation” (August 21, 2014, Dallas, TX) “Failure to Warn” (August 21, 2015, Nashville, TN) American Short Line Rail Road Association “Run, Hide, Fight: Active Shooter Events” (October 2020) “Proper locomotive seat selection” (April 24, 2012, Indianapolis, IN & July 12, 2013, Las Vegas, NV) “Mining for Claims: Diesel Studies and the RR Industry (August 9, 2013, Coeur d’Alene, ID) “Implications of a Significant Derailment” (April 24, 2014, San Diego, CA) “One Train: Defending Complex Proceedings” (March 31, 2015, Orlando, FL) The Emerging and Environmental Claims Managers Association “What’s for dinner?” (May 3, 2012, Captiva Island, FL) “Mining for Claims – Diesel Exhaust, Lung Cancer and Miner Studies (May 2, 2013, Captiva Island, FL) “Cybersecurity Litigation and Liabilities” (May 1, 2014 Captiva Island, FL) “Evaluation and Defense of Parkinson’s Disease Claims” (April 30, 2015, Captiva Island, FL) Commercial Insurance Associates Rail Seminar “Managing indemnification and contractual risk transfer between Class I railroads, shortlines, contractors and subcontractors” (May 17, 2012, Brentwood, TN) The National Forum for Environmental and Toxic Tort Issues “Medicine and Science Behind Benzene Claims” (October 1, 2009, Chicago, IL) “Food Liability Claims” (September 27, 2012, Chicago, IL) National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association “Avoiding Imputed Liability for FELA” (January 10, 2013, Miami Beach, FL) Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental & Public Health Law “Can you keep a secret? Trade secret challenges under Act 13” (February 28, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA) Diesel Exhaust Exposure and Cancer Claims Yes 2022/02/Burns-White-FETTI-Proposal.docx Feb-21-2022 14:15:17