Peter Kelso has been at the forefront of identifying emerging litigation trends for over 15 years. Mr. Kelso is an expert on mass tort and product liability litigation and advises clients on identifying and finding solutions for risks associated with emerging litigation. Mr. Kelso specializes in developing strategies to quantify, estimate, and mitigate potential damages and provides clients with expertise in product liability litigation, insurance coverage negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, liability ring fencing activities and bankruptcy reorganizations. He has led and helped support numerous public policy initiatives to effectuate judicial and legislative reform at the state and federal levels.

Mr. Kelso advises Fortune 100 companies, international insurers and reinsurers, and consults with many of the top investment firms on Wall Street on quantifying current and future potential costs associated with litigation outcomes. Mr. Kelso has given numerous speeches for the financial and legal communities at conferences hosted by the Brookings Institute, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America Securities, LexisNexis, and the American Bar Association. Mr. Kelso currently leads a working group of top international corporations and insurers on examining the risks associated with asbestos and other mass tort litigation.

Prior to launching the Economic & Complex Analytics (ECA) practice at Roux, Mr. Kelso was a Director at Bates White economic consulting in Washington, D.C. Previously, Mr. Kelso was a Vice-President with Litigation Resolution Group.